Impact on Sales! How can Business Owners Create an Immediate Impact on Revenue

 Impact on Sales

Every business… is in the business of sales; it is just that simple. However, there is a major difference between taking orders or managing existing accounts and developing a real sales culture that makes use of a consistent selling system.

Many companies, if not most, limit their growth and financial future by taking a hands-off or passive approach to sales. What they in effect are doing is placing their own financial future into the hands of their sales people. This is opposed to placing their sales people ,into a system of selling!

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The following Four steps are outlined to provide with a framework from which to begin.

1) Create, Implement and Consistently Utilize a Sales System.

Stop relying on Wing-It approach towards Sales.

Sales Process & Consistency = Sustainable Growth: Professional Sports Teams make use of a consistent offense, a consistent defense and an agreed-to set of plays. Without a Consistent Business Development Training Process, what you have are good people, with good intent who lack consistency in communicating, qualifying and closing new business!

2) Create, Implement and Consistently Reinforce a Sales Culture

Many sales organization unfortunately and subconsciously focus on product quality, delivery or back end customer service. These are all necessary components of a successful company. However, without a Solid Sales Culture focused on producing new business that is consistently reinforced, sales people inevitably will fall back into old routines. It is critical that sales people have a laser like focus with respect to new business development.

3) Taking Ownership and Internalization of Sales Skills

Scrap the Monday Morning Motivational Sales Meeting!

At Peak Performance Sales Training our focus is on bridging the Gap between Knowing and Owning. Unless your people internalize a sales process, providing them with the confidence to deal with any sales barrier, you will not achieve sustainable growth! Professional Sports teams for example begin in training camp. They start out by becoming aware of and familiar with the playbook. It is only however after consistent reinforcement do they go from Knowing to Owning the material. What One Knows VS What One Does in the heat of the moment, is the key to Business Development Training Success.

4) Selling Deep | Getting beyond Surface Pain

The most successful and most profitable organizations have a focus on selling deep. Far too often sales people simply want to make the cheap sales and get out, leaving what often amounts to substantial profit on the table. Deep line questioning is necessary to uncover hidden needs of the customer. You must realize that your costs to advertise, attract, identify and close additional new business to make up for what sales people leave on the table is substantial. not to mention the additional back-end service needed to maintain that business. Take Actionable Steps | Click Here to Call 866-816-0991


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