Sales Obstacles:The Biggest Obstacle tha

Sales Obstacles:The Biggest Obstacle that Impacts Sales Success!

The Biggest Sales Obstacle that Impacts a Sales Organizations Success!

Business Owners: Are you constantly questioning yourself with respect to how to go about gaining Sustainable Growth?

Then ask yourself why Richard Branson, Leonardo DaVinci, and Mozart achieve 10,000 times more than any of us, mere mortals? Could it be luck, natural skill or something called Self-Management.

Self-Management is the art of effectively managing ourselves, something that does not come naturally. In fact, it isn’t easy as you must learn to identify your natural behavior and then consistently curb Counter-Productive Behavior.

Today you have all the opportunities in the world at your fingertips, in particular those of you who own a company. But the degree in which you attain your real goals, all hinges on your ability to identify weaknesses, deal head on with sales obstacles and consistently self-manage.

It begins with being completely open minded in order to identify your true strengths and weaknesses. Most Business Owners think they know what they are good at; and they are usually wrong.

Business Owners can perform only from strength. You cannot build performance on weakness—therefore it is critical that you identify your weaknesses and personal sales obstacles in order to begin to curb counter-productive behavior.

Look back at your past failures. Past failures did not occur because of lack of discipline, desire or willpower. These failures often occurred because of your inability to identify what you were truly good at.

We think we know our own strengths. For example, how many times have you interviewed and hired a sales person who emphasized throughout the interviewing process, that they were a closer! Only to find out that this person’s closing ability were non-existent, or should we say, limited ….. to YOU, during the interview! Yet we continue to rely on this same hiring process despite our past failures!

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